Vasquez Withdraws from District 10 State Senate Race


Vasquez Withdraws from District 10 State Senate Race

“On Monday, March 29, 2010, I contacted the Canyon County Clerk, Bill Hurst, to inform him that I was withdrawing from the Idaho District 10 State Senate race” Vasquez announced.

“While I am firmly convinced that the incumbent has certainly not represented my best interests in his tenure as the State Senator from District 10, I am personally acutely aware of the political advantage gained by an incumbent in a multiple candidate campaign. Therefore, as Mr. Greg Collett has steadfastly maintained his intent to stay in the race, and as I believe he has the strong backing of my fellow American citizens who are prepared to support his candidacy, I have decided that it would best serve District 10, the State of Idaho, and my fellow Idahoans for me to withdraw and level the political arena” Vasquez said.

“I wish to thank all of you who encouraged me to run and to stay in the race. Let me say to you that sometimes it is better to withdraw from the field, rather than to stubbornly remain and give an unwarranted advantage to an undeserving incumbent” Vasquez stated.

“I will be voting for Greg Collett, and fully support his campaign to remove the incumbent whose actions have repeatedly demonstrated his subservience to special interest, big money corporations, and a callous personal political agenda. I encourage every citizen in District 10 to vote for Greg Collett on May 25, 2010, for the Idaho State Senate” Vasquez concluded.