Return government to its proper role

The proper role of government is simply this– to protect our basic rights of life, liberty, and property. As individuals, we have the duty to protect our rights, and collectively we can hire others to assist with this task, which forms government. Our criminal code should be based on natural law and simply cover violations (such as lying, stealing, cheating, and murdering) of our rights. We must remember that government is force, and anything delegated to government must fall back to what we as an individual should rightly be able to do. Preemptive laws are wrong in the sense that they restrict the rights of others before our own are violated. Put another way, our protection of rights should always be reactionary, so that we never act as an aggressor.

Eliminate burdensome rules and regulations imposed by appointed boards

The legislature should be the sole source of law at the state level, just as congress has that role at the federal level. We need to eliminate any agency or board that makes rules and regulations that have the effect of law. The legislature has been delegating their responsibility, and it needs to stop. We now have such a myriad of agencies, boards, departments, divisions, bureaus, commissions, services, councils, programs, offices, and who knows what else, many of which are defining their own rules, regulations, fees, licensing, programs, forms, certifications, and so forth. How anyone remains a law abiding citizen is difficult to comprehend. Citizens should be able to go to one source for all state law, the Idaho Code as defined by the legislature.

Repeal licensing laws, especially all occupational licensing

Licensing assumes that the general public is unfit to perform some particular action, and that individuals must go to our all-wise government to ask permission first. These are cleverly disguised preemptive laws. Occupational licensing is particularly egregious. These laws reduce competition, create artificial barriers of entry, raise the price of goods and services, form “cartels”, restrict innovation, and reduce quality. I will try to get all licensing laws repealed. Removing occupational licensing laws will create a much more friendly business environment.

Repeal planning and zoning ordinances

Planning and zoning ordinances strike at the very core of society by violating our fundamental right to property in a preemptive manner. I will seek to rid our state of these ordinances, and instead let the court system handle the problems that might ultimately fall in their domain.

Related to planning and zoning ordinances are other regulations such as building or safety codes. You do not have the right to dictate how your neighbor builds things or manufactures things, nor do you have the right to require him to follow certain practices as he does so. If you do not have that right, it is not proper to transfer that power to government. Again, I will seek to repeal all such regulations.

Strengthen the laws designed to protect us

Government does have a role to play, so I certainly advocate those laws that serve to protect our life, liberty, and property. The legislature can clarify and strengthen laws that infringe on the right to life. For instance, by creating a legal definition of when protection of life begins, the abomination called abortion can be stopped. It would also serve to prevent abuses of destroying embryos in the name of research.

The defense of our country is of great concern. The federal government has been tasked with the primary responsibility, but the states do play a part. Our state needs to be ready for the calling forth of the militia, meaning a citizen army, not professionally trained soldiers. The state legislature needs to recognize this, and work with congress to resolve the disparity between the text of the constitution and the National Guard (which does not meet the definition of a militia).

The borders of our country need to be secure. Idaho can lead the way in solving the problems of illegal immigration. Entering the country in violation of its laws shows a blatant disregard for the rule of law. Such individuals should remain outside the protection of the law. Until we eliminate the welfare state, that would include all state services, and in fact, each state service should serve as a checkpoint. The harboring laws can be toughened, and Sheriffs need to be empowered to arrest and deport.