Require honesty in government

Freedom has its enemies. Throughout the history of the world, and for many years in this country they have amassed power and wealth. They now exert influence over almost every aspect of our lives. Some individuals in the political arena take part directly in these nefarious machinations. Others do so without realizing what they are doing. There is an environment now of secret works, coverup, partisan politics, factions, unspoken rules, backroom deals, and outright corruption. Newcomers to politics are easily sucked into the lair and quickly become part of the problem. The only way to avoid this is to have a solid understanding of who the real enemies are. The reason I chose the race I did was primarily due to the corrupt actions of my opponent.

Stop the influence of establishment players

Those who seek for power and riches and conspire together to obtain such by plunder and force are who I refer to as “establishment players”. Such individuals and their various organizations have been systematically chipping away at our society using techniques such as propaganda, redefining terminology, influencing the media, waging wars, smearing opponents, rewriting history, degrading morality, and debasing money. While this plays out primarily on the national scene, our state has seen its fair share of the action.

I will not get caught up in political correctness, the homosexual agenda, the war on drugs, the war on terror, socialistic programs, government benevolence, free trade agreements, party politics, or other programs of the establishment. I will seek to expose these dealings to the extent that I am able.

Repeal laws that dictate partisan politics

George Washington warned us of the dangers of political parties in his farewell address. Unfortunately, the political power of our party system (especially the two party mentality) has infiltrated every aspect of government. The state constitution needs to be amended, as well as various laws and legislative rules that prop up the two party system.

An argument has been brewing in the Idaho Republican Party over open vs. closed primaries. In either case, the public is paying for an election of a private party. The political parties need to determine their candidates privately, not spend taxpayer money on primary elections. In addition, we need to remove party affiliation from the ballots in the general election.

The reason I am running as a Republican is specifically due to the concentration of power and the mentality of the public with regard to political parties. Because the Republican Party wields so much control over Idaho politics, it makes sense to try and effect change from within that party and break up the power base. While I might agree with some tenets of various party platforms, I do not subscribe to any one political party in its entirety, and I certainly do not buy into the philosophy of supporting a slate of candidates regardless of their individual positions. You will also never find me voting for the lesser of two evils.

Eschew backroom deals and lobbyist corruptions

The legislature has proven itself to be a morass of deceit. Legislators are influenced by professional lobbyists. There are deals made between legislators for support of their own legislation. There are deals made between representatives and senators to push certain bills through both bodies. There is arm twisting and intimidation. I will unequivocally reject all such actions. Each bill should stand or fall on its own merits.

The various committees have too much power and make it difficult for the entire legislature to stay up on each issue. I believe the legislature should act as a whole. Also, the legislature has become a rubber stamp for the bureaucracy. Most of the legislation that comes through originates from the existing bureaucracy and nobody seems willing to stand up to them.

One of the tricks that the legislature plays is to dispense with the required reading of bills through unanimous consent. Even if I could not do much else as one vote out of 35, I would certainly be able to stop this practice and slow down the progression of bills.

Make government transparent

While there is plenty of information available to expose the problems of government, I think that there are several things that would make government more accountable. Each of these measures would involve the use of the internet to deliver information.

The first would be to require the publication of all finances in an easy to use format. Every expenditure would be posted for every single transaction across all levels of government. The same would apply for every source of revenue, every fund, and all assets.

Next, I would like to see every bill that goes through the legislature be posted online. The text should be available to the public in enough time for them to write letters, call, or come in to testify. The progress of each bill should also be published, including the votes on each measure and the final status. Each posting or change should be able to be tracked by the public.

Finally, I think there should be a central repository for all laws, rules, regulations, and any other measure that is enforceable within the state. I think each citizen should be able to easily see every single expectation that is required of them, regardless of the source.