Realize fiscal responsibility

There is a lot of talk about the economy as we suffer through a serious recession. Our state legislators are patting themselves on the back for cutting government by 25% this year. Unfortunately, it was not government that was eliminated, it was just a budget cutback, which leaves the door open to restore prior funding levels if revenue increases. True fiscal responsibility will only occur if government is chained down to its proper role.

Reduce taxes, including the elimination of income and property taxes

Taxes should only be necessary for the basic functions of government. I would support a capitation tax, based on the census (which should only be an enumeration, not a demographic questionnaire), to be paid only with gold and silver coin, as designated by the constitution. This would let people see the real cost of government to them, rather than hiding it in our paychecks, our sales receipts, our escrow accounts, and various other places.

The most insidious tax is not even recognized as such by most people– that of inflation. American citizens have been robbed of their wealth by central bankers supported by complicit politicians, as they inflate the money supply with their debt based dollars. The only solution is to restore sound, honest money.

The various kinds of taxes we are subject to all come with good reasons to oppose them. Sales taxes are disproportionate and turn businesses into tax collectors. Property taxes rob us of true ownership of private property, one of our fundamental rights. Income taxes punish earnings, especially with the current implementation of graduated tax brackets, and also happens to be the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto. I will seek to eliminate all such taxes.

In addition, taxes on businesses, such as the personal property tax and the corporate income tax should all be eliminated. Combined with the elimination of rules, regulations, and licensing, Idaho would have the best business environment in the entire country. Our economy could rebound despite what is happening in all other states.

Reduce spending, eliminating all socialistic programs and benefits

Cutting taxes at the levels I recommend would not make sense unless it accompanied a reduction in government expenditures. Rather than cutting back budgets, like the current legislature is doing, we need to completely eliminate programs. Every function of government that does not pass the test under the principles regarding the proper role of government should be on the chopping block. Almost all of the agencies, boards, departments, divisions, bureaus, commissions, services, councils, programs, and offices of our state government need to be cut. The remaining ones need to be drastically scaled back.

There will be some painful adjustments as state employees transition to the private sector and as citizens lose services that they have come to rely on. However, the end result will be more than worth it as people realize that their tax burden is a tiny fraction of what it used to be, and when they see business booming in a true free market.

For those who simply need a hand up, individuals acting alone or through churches and organizations will actually be able to provide voluntary assistance to those in need. I have no doubt that it will happen, as Americans have proven themselves to be the most charitable nation on earth despite the wealth that is now confiscated first by government. (I am speaking in terms of individual contributions, not the largess of government.) It is not the job of government to redistribute wealth.

Account for investments outlined in the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)

The citizens of Idaho frequently hear about the budget, especially budget shortfalls, but that does not represent the true financial picture of the state. Over the years, millions of tax dollars have been invested in various funds under various pretexts. I think the state needs to get out of the investing business, pay out all liabilities, pay off all debts, and use the balance to fund its operations until it is exhausted, lowering taxes in the interim.

Stop accepting federal funds for unconstitutional programs

Idaho will never be able to fully exercise its sovereignty unless it stops accepting money from the federal government. Funds from the federal government make up a large portion of Idaho’s revenue. Much of that money comes with strings attached and fines for non-compliance. We need to reject all funds that either (1) come with strings attached, or (2) are allocated for something that is not a proper role of government.

I understand that Idaho currently receives more back than what it pays in. This illustrates the wealth distribution that is running rampant around the nation, and even though we are on the receiving end, it is wrong and we can stop it in our state. Any nullification measure can only be fully effective unless we are willing as a state to stop the federal government from controlling us through their financial strings.