Individual Submission


Department of Agriculture (USDA)     X
            Food Nutrition, and Consumer Services     X
            U.S. Forest Service     X
            Rural Development     X
            National Resources Conservation Service     X
            Farm Service Administration     X
            Agriculture Marketing Service     X
Department of Commerce     X
            Economic Development Administration     X
            Minority Business Development Agency     X
            National Skill Standards Board     X
            Office of Travel and Tourism Industries     X
            Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms     X
            United States Patent and Trademark Office   X  
            National Oceanic and Atmospheric
                        National Weather Service     X
            National Telecommunications and Information
            International Trade Administration     X
            Small Business Administration     X
Department of Education     X
            No Child Left Behind Act of 2001     X
            Office of Bilingual Education and Minority
Languages Affairs
            Office of Student Financial Assistance Programs     X
Department of Energy     X
            Office of Environment, Safety and Health     X
            Bonneville Power Administration     X
            Federal Energy Regulatory Commission     X
            Office of Economic Impact Diversity     X
Department of Health and Human Services     X
            Food and Drug Administration     X
            National Institute of Mental Health     X
            Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services     X
            Administration on Aging     X
            Administration for Children and Families     X
            Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality     X
            Indian Health Service     X
Department of Homeland Security     X
            Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service   X  
            Border and Transportation Security Directorate   X  
            Coast Guard   X  
Department of Defense (DOD)   X  
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)     X
            Office of Community Planning and Development     X
            Multifamily Housing Program     X
            Government National Mortgage Association     X
            Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community
Program (Poverty assistance)
            Home Buyer and Renter Consumer Information
(Housing discrimination, etc.)
Department of Justice (DOJ)   X  
            Executive Office of Weed and Seed (“Weed and
Seed” stands for Weed out the bad and Seed the good.)
Department of Labor     X
            Bureau of Labor Statistics     X
            Occupational Safety and Health Administration
            Bureau of International Labor Affairs     X
            Employment and Training Administration     X
            Minimum Wage     X
Department of State   X  
            Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor     X
            Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs     X
            International Broadcasting Bureau     X
            Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs     X
Department of the Interior     X
            Bureau of Indian Affairs     X
            Bureau of Land Management (BLM)     X
            Fish and Wildlife Service     X
                        Endangered Species Committee     X
                        Costal Habitat Conservation Programs     X
                        Migratory Bird Conservation Commission     X
            Minerals Management Service     X
            U.S. Bureau of Mines     X
            National Park Service     X
Department of Transportation (DOT)     X
            Federal Highway Administration     X
            Federal Railroad Administration     X
                        AMTRACK     X
            Federal Aviation Administration     X
Department of Treasury   X  
            Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms     X
            Bureau of Public Debt     X
            Internal Revenue Service     X
            United States Mint   X  
            United States Secret Service   X  
Department of Veterans Affairs   X  
Executive Office of the President   X  
            Council of Economic Advisors     X
            Office of Science and Technology Policy     X
            Office of National Drug Control Policy     X
            Council on Environmental Quality     X
            Environmental Protection Agency     X
            Farm Credit Administration     X
            Office of Equal Opportunity     X
            Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service     X
            Federal Trade Commission     X
            African Development Foundation     X
            Corporation for National and Community Service
(USA Freedom Corps)