Idaho Prosperity Fund

2010 Legislative Candidate Questionnaire

1. Why are you a candidate for this office?

I am concerned about the overreach of government into our lives. We must replace those individuals who, through their political positions, continue to contribute to the problem. I want to use my understanding of the proper role of government to effect real change in Idaho, and, if enough voters in my district agree with my principles, I am willing to represent them in the legislature.

2. In your opinion, what are the three most critical issues facing Idaho at the present time? Which is the most important to you?

(1) Government has become increasingly tyrannical, stepping far outside its bounds. This is evidenced by all the laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances that affect every aspect of our lives; as well as the existence of more agencies, departments, commissions, services, bureaus, boards, councils, offices, and other governmental bodies than one could possibly keep track of.

(2) Government has become fiscally irresponsible. This problem, apparent from our high taxes, is mostly a side effect from the first problem. We are subject to a host of ill-conceived tax burdens, including property taxes, income taxes, personal property taxes, sales taxes, estate taxes, corporate income taxes, estate taxes, and the insidious inflation “tax”.

(3) Corruption in government. Enemies of our freedom who seek for power and riches exert control over politicians. Monetary influence, backroom deals, the bureaucratic mentality, partisan politics, political expediency, and the control from establishment players all take their toll on our elected officials.

3. What steps would you take to address these issues while in office?

(1) I will try to get people to recognize that the role of government is to simply protect our fundamental rights– life, liberty, and property. All laws that do not apply need to be repealed. Functions of our current bureaucracy that do not fit in need to be eliminated or privatized.

(2) I will seek to eliminate all existing taxes and replace them with a simple capitation tax, based on the census. All expenditures, revenues, and funds should be exposed to the public for examination. I will seek to restore sound money in the state.

(3) I will expose corruption as I see it, and I will not take part in it myself. I will seek to repeal laws and rules that allow these influences to occur.

4. List any major endorsements and contributors:

I have not sought any endorsements. However, I was formally endorsed by Robert Vasquez when he dropped out of the race.

All contributions I have received so far are from individuals. I do not seek money from political action committees.

5. What is your perception of Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry (IACI)?

IACI is concerned about several very important issues. I think the intention of the organization is well meaning; however, I do not think the problems will be solved unless we return government to its proper role. Looking at the 2010 priorities of the organization, I submit the following comments:

Personal Property Tax

This tax needs to be completely eliminated. It is unfair and imposes a huge burden on businesses.


The transportation system in this state has suffered from a severe lack of foresight. In addition, with the passing of GARVEE bonds, the state has now put itself into debt to fund road construction, which I find to be completely objectionable. There is plenty of money available to pay for transportation needs, especially if it were to be managed properly. Ultimately, though, we need to privatize our transportation system.

Health Care

Government has no business getting involved in health care or insurance. We need to repeal occupational licensing laws and other regulations that affect the industry. Federal mandates need to be repealed or nullified by our state.


Public education is the 10th plank of the Communist Manifesto. I support transitioning all public schools (including higher education) to the private sector and eliminating all public funding of education.


Regulating the development of energy based on scare tactics such as global warming is wrong. The energy industry needs to be left to a truly free market with no government interference. I believe that Idaho could be energy independent if individuals were not stymied by their own government.

Project 60

Rather than have government concern itself over meeting a particular goal to increase the GDP to $60 billion a year, government should instead have a goal of getting out of the way so that the free market can produce what it naturally will. The best business environment for our state would be created if we would eliminate occupational licensing, burdensome rules and regulations, planning and zoning ordinances, personal property taxes, corporate income taxes, property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, and so forth.