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Candidate Essay

Even though I have been involved in politics for many years now, I am not a politician nor do I have any desire to become one. However, I am very concerned about the freedoms that we have lost as a state and as a nation. It is time someone steps up who understands the basic principles of liberty and is willing to stand up for our God given rights. If enough citizens of District 10 would like to send me to the State Senate to represent them, I am ready to do so.

Our basic rights- life, liberty, and property- come from God. They are not privileges extended by the benevolent hand of government. God grants us life, and this equal right to life forms the foundation for our other rights. Since we have the right to life, we must, of necessity, also have the liberty wherewith to protect and sustain that life. The fruits of our labor, as we apply our energy to natural resources, constitutes the basis for private property.

The proper role of government is simply this- to protect our basic rights of life, liberty, and property. Government get its power from the individual, as we collectively hire others to protect ourselves. When any power is assumed by government that we do not have as individuals, tyranny results. We must remember that government is force. Just as we should not violate the rights of others though preemptive and aggressive actions, so to, should we restrain government.

True fiscal responsibility will only occur if government is chained down to its proper role. We need to cut spending by eliminating the overwhelming number of services that contribute to the welfare state, the nanny state, and the police state. This will allow us to drastically reduce taxes, including the elimination of income, property, and business taxes. We must stop licensing and regulating businesses, retire the public debt, shut down government investments, and bring back commodity based money as a medium of exchange. We can enjoy economic prosperity though a truly free market.

Freedom has its enemies. Over time, self-serving individuals have increasingly destroyed our constitutional republic, amassing power and wealth. Politicians have allowed this to happen through either their ignorance, cowardice, or complicity. It is time to require honesty in government and to hold our officials accountable. It is time to restore our republic.

Greg Collett
Candidate for Idaho State Senate, District 10