Candidate Questionnaire

1. If elected, will you support funding important infrastructure projects that generate good jobs, such as transportation systems, school modernization, clean energy and advanced technology vehicles, airports and water systems?

No, each of the areas mentioned are properly left to private enterprise. Removing government interference will provide the best business environment, including jobs, products, and services.

2. If elected, will you publicly support workers who are forming unions by reaffirming the importance of unions to our communities and by taking actions such as contacting employers and urging them not to interfere, issuing public statements, attending rallies supporting organizing, sponsoring public forums, etc.?

No, I do not agree with the practices of unions.

3. If elected, would you support an increase in the minimum wage?

No, minimum wage laws should be repealed. Wages should be left up to the free market.

4. If elected, would you support indexing the minimum wage to ensure automatic adjustments on an annual basis?

No, minimum wage laws should be repealed. Wages should be left up to the free market.

5. If elected, would you work to defend and improve the landmark comprehensive health reform legislation passed by the 111th Congress and signed into law by President Obama? Specifically:
• Would you oppose any efforts to repeal or weaken the legislation, at the state level?
• Would you fight to ensure Idaho has the resources they need to implement the legislation?

No, the government should stay completely out of the heath care industry. Rather than filing a lawsuit over portions of the law, Idaho should instead nullify the law in its entirety and refuse to implement it.

6. If elected, would you support any proposed legislation that would reinstate the Davis-Bacon Act?

No, the government should only set wages for its own direct employees, not for employees of private companies that contract with the government.

7. If elected, would you support increases in the Department of Labor’s job safety budget to strengthen standard setting, enforcement and worker safety and health training programs?

No, the Department of Labor should be abolished as it does not provide any services towards fulfilling the proper role of government.

8. If elected, would you actively support legislation that would help Idaho’s local school districts reduce their class size, provide embedded professional development and supports for teachers and other school staff– particularly for staff working in schools serving high numbers of disadvantaged students and finance school repair, construction and modernization projects at local prevailing wages?

No, the public schools should be privatized and all public funding of education should be terminated. Public education is a communistic principle.

9. If elected, would you oppose efforts to privatize public services and instead support efforts to work with, state and local public employees to improve services through cooperative job redesign, training and labor-management coordination?

No, I strongly advocate transitioning most of the current public services to the private sector. Government should have a very small and well defined role to protect life, liberty, and property.

10. If elected, would you oppose restrictions on the use of union dues for political and legislative activities?

While I do not agree with union practices, government should not dictate the expenditures of private organizations.