Greg Collett for State Senate, Idaho District 10

Even though I have been involved in politics for many years now, I am not a politician nor do I have any desire to become one.  However, I am very concerned about the freedoms that we have lost as a state and as a nation.  It is time someone steps up who understands the basic principles of liberty and is willing to stand up for our God given rights.  If enough citizens of District 10 would like to send me to the State Senate to represent them, I am ready to do so.

I believe it is time to restore the republic.  It is time to take on the enemies of freedom and defeat them.  I am not for sale.  I do not seek for power.  I will stay true to my principles.  Here are some of the things I will be fighting for:

Restore our God given constitutional rights

  • Assert state sovereignty when the federal government oversteps its bounds
  • Implement sound money as required by the constitution
  • Protect each of the rights defined in the Bill of Rights at the state level
  • Repeal laws that contradict our republican form of government

Return government to its proper role

  • Eliminate burdensome rules and regulations imposed by appointed boards
  • Repeal licensing laws, especially all occupational licensing
  • Repeal planning and zoning ordinances
  • Strengthen the laws designed to protect us

Realize fiscal responsibility

  • Reduce taxes, including the elimination of income and property taxes
  • Reduce spending, eliminating all socialistic programs and benefits
  • Account for investments outlined in the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)
  • Stop accepting federal funds for unconstitutional programs

Require honesty in government

  • Stop the influence of establishment players
  • Repeal laws that dictate partisan politics
  • Eschew backroom deals and lobbyist corruptions
  • Make government transparent